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TV and Movie News

'Crazy Rich Asians' Has a Solid Preview Debut
August 16, 2018 @ 5:39 am PST    Crazy Rich Asians     EG    
The comedy looks to be headed for a winning weekend.

TJ Miller Fires Back at 'Silicon Valley' Actress
August 16, 2018 @ 5:16 am PST    Silicon Valley     EG    
He wasn't the one who was difficult to work with, he says.

Selena Gomez Posts Bikini Pic, Teases New Album
August 16, 2018 @ 5:07 am PST    13 Reasons Why     EG    
She's trying to get your attention.

Demi Lovato's Rehab Won't Be Gentle
August 16, 2018 @ 5:00 am PST    Glee     EG    
After her overdose, she's headed into a tough program.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Are Still Battling Over Kids
August 16, 2018 @ 4:48 am PST    World War Z     EG    
The court seems to be taking Brad's side in the fight.

Can 'Crazy Rich Asians' Win the Weekend?
August 15, 2018 @ 6:03 am PST    Crazy Rich Asians, Mile 22, The Meg, Trainwreck     EG    
The romantic comedy will have to fend off Mark Wahlberg, a prehistoric dog, and a giant shark.

'Star Trek: Discovery' Has Cast Its Version of Spock
August 15, 2018 @ 5:52 am PST    Star Trek: Discovery     EG    
The new series will present a version of the legendary Vulcan.

YouTube Bans New Trailer for 'The Nun'
August 15, 2018 @ 5:44 am PST    The Nun     EG    
The clip was just too scary, apparently.

Bristol Palin's Son Kills His First Reindeer at Age 9
August 15, 2018 @ 5:38 am PST    Teen Mom     EG    
His mamma (and grandmother) are very proud of him.

E! Reality Star Dies of Apparent Overdose at 26
August 15, 2018 @ 5:30 am PST    E! News     EG    
Lyric McHenry was found dead on Tuesday morning.