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This Nick Jr. show is based on a boy named Ryder and his team of six different breeds of pups. Ryder and his pups: Chase, Zuma, Skye, Rocky, Rubble, and Marshall, will lend a paw and save the day on Adventure Bay. When Ryder's pup pad alerts to a problem on the island of Adventure Bay, the paw patrol leap into action. Zooming to the rescue with their own super powered vehicles and their own type of expertise to help with whatever problem comes up. Fire, water, land, or sky, these pups will have a solution to any issue that may arise.

Weekdays at 9:00 AM & 12:30 PM on Nick
9 Seasons, 118 Episodes
August 12, 2013
Animation & Cartoons, Children
Cast: Kallan Holley, Devan Cohen, Ron Pardo, Alex Thorne
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Paw Patrol Full Episode Guide

  • The PAW Patrol must rescue Cap’n Turbot and Francois’ Grandma Tilly after she rides off on a dolphin. Carlos and Tracker call the PAW Patrol to help solve the mystery of a rumbling sound that’s upsetting the jungle elephants.

  • When Mayor Goodway and the twins are late getting back from a snowshoeing, Jake and Everest call the PAW Patrol to search for them.

  • Carlos and Tracker make PawPaw juice with the PAW Patrol when they find out Mayor Goodway and Chickaletta are in trouble. The top of Farmer’s Al’s silo has been knocked off, and he needs help saving his corn crop.

  • The Royal Kitties are kidnapped on their way to Adventure Bay for a special visit. Ryder needs all the pups to help Chase investigate this case in an Ultimate Police Rescue!

  • The ferris wheel has been stolen by Sid the Pirate and Arrby. The pups set out to bring it back to Adventure Bay! However, Sid comes up with an even more sneaky plan: to steal the Sea Patroller!

  • While at the Surfing Board, Ryder discovers that whale is on the edge of a water! He attempts to rescue Whale, but gets stranded himself in the process. He calls the pups for help, but Garbie kicks his pup-pad down the cliff side! Now the pups have to save Captain Ryder and a whale.

  • As the PAW Patrol enjoyed, King of the Castle, in Barkingburg has broke apart. The Princess has just ruined the castle.

  • Chickaletta is stuck on a runaway drone and mysterious butterflies are causing chaos all around Adventure Bay! The statue of Chickaletta has been stolen!

  • Everest and the kids of Adventure Bay visit Ms. Marjorie's Bookmobile to see what new books she's brought! Meanwhile - Maynard decides to take the Bookmobile for a wild ride! Mayor Humdinger has been carving his face in the cliffs of Adventure Bay.

  • Francois and Turbot discover an underwater volcano is going to erupt while Farmer Yumi and Mayor Goodway are unknowingly scuba diving nearby. This is a mission for the Sea Patrol! Farmer Al's farm is flooded! The PAW Patrol needs to rescue him.

  • Daring Danny X is performing a new stunt! He is harnessed over a canyon eating an Extreme Lunch when the wind blows him upside down! It's Pie Swap Day in Adventure Bay!

  • When Corny runs away from Farmer Al's Farm during a blackout, the pups need to light the way to get them home safely! Uncle Otis is hurling down Jake's Mountain in a runaway mine car! Ryder and the Pups need to rescue him before it crashes.

  • Katie is going to perform her contest-winning song with Luke Stars! But Luke Stars gets stuck on a mountain ledge on his way to Adventure Bay. Chickaletta goes missing on Chicken Day! The PAW Patrol have to find her to save the festivites.

  • Sid the Pirate and Arrby have taken the sunken sloop; and a wiggling whale has knocked the diving bell to he bottom of the ocean, with Cap'n Turbot and Francois inside.

  • When an ancient relic goes missing from Carlos' archeological dig, Ryder assigns Tracker and Skye to track down the mysterious creature that may have taken it. Mayor Humdinger pretends to break his toe in order to win a race!

  • Mayor Humdinger makes fake emergencies for his kitties to save so they appear better then the PAW Patrol. The Wingnuts get a new pet ostrich, but it gets lost on the trip home.

  • Tracker has a dream that Mayor Humginder turns into a baby! Now it's up to the pups to find the special coconuut to reverse the spell. Alex is hosting a fun party in Adventure Bay but is heartbroken when his special pinata mysteriously disappears.

  • Francois and a baby penguin get caught on the other side of a carvasse. Daring Danny wants a cool pet of his own, so he can't believe his luck when a stray baby hippo finds him.

  • Sid Swashbuckle the Pirate and his first pup mate, Arrby, steal the giant pearl-making shell that gives Puplantis its magic.

  • Daring Danny X accidently drives off with turtle eggs! Farmer Al's sheep run away, and Mayor Humdinger's kittens go missing

  • Cap'n Turbot's boat gets frozen in the Arctic Ice.The pups use the Sea Patroller to help guide a lost narwhal back home.

  • The postman's truck gets stuck in the mud, and the mail gets stuck in a tree! Mayor Goodway turns into a frog!

  • The pups need to get a sleepwalking bear back home before he wakes up.Daring Danny X takes his horse off the trail and ends up on a wild ride.

  • Cali gets lost in the woods. Daring Danny X's harness loosens while kite-surfing.

  • Everest, the Turbots, and a Space Rock get trapped in a cave. Mayor Gooway goes missing, and Mayor Humdinger causes havoc in Adventure Bay.

  • In hopes to have the whole beach to himself, Humdinger makes a robotic shark to scare everyone away. The pier could fall into the water due to a broken support post. Pups to the rescue!

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