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Sophie is a Canadian sitcom that follows Sohpie Parker, the director of a successful family-run talent agency. She is also eight months pregnant. One day, however, her peachy life will get a dramatic change as a psychic announces that she will have the worst year of her life. Sophie is then dumped by her long-term boyfriend, who has decided to be with Sophie's best friend instead. To make things worse, he and his new girlfriend start a rival talent agency. She begins to lose clients at the same time her water breaks, and so begins the prophesied worst year.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
March 23, 2009
Cast: Natalie Brown, Jeff Geddis, Catherine Bérubé, Sebastian Spence

Sophie Full Episode Guide

  • When Sophie throws a spa-party for her birthday, a surprise visitor arrives in town. Rick and Melissa don't see eye to eye.

  • Sophie wants to give baby Robbie her full attention but Estelle and Melissa get cast in the roles of their lifetimes. Suddenly everyone's future depends on Sophie.

  • Sophie has to choose between a perfect lover and a perfect fantasy of Robbie's father. Verner invites Matt to Switzerland.

  • Judith tries to kill herself; when a condition of her release from the hospital includes supervision, she convinces Sophie to move in.

  • Judith convinces Sophie to let her work at the agency. Sophie tries to use that as a starting point for a better mother daughter relationship, but Judith has her own motives for working there, including targeting Estelle.

  • Rick and Sophie enter into an escalating series of attempts to ruin each other's agencies after discovering they both want to sign an up-and-coming actress.

  • Estelle is hosting a formal charity event and both Sophie and Rick will be there. Sophie needs to find a date and Rick must deal with Melissa and their new puppy.

  • Sophie's talent agency is getting back on it's feet, and she's finally getting used to being a mother. Now the only thing she needs to do is name the baby.That's why she throws a baby-naming ceremony and it's bad enough that Rick and Melissa show up, but so does the one person she didn't want to attend - her mother.

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  • Sophie Parker's seemingly perfect life is thrown upside down when her boyfriend leaves her for her best friend and takes all of her best clients with him.